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    Swap idea

    Im wanting to get a little more from my old hx. I was thinkng about a 951 swap. I dont know much about them other than the white engines had issues. Can anyone tell me what those issues were or, were they more related to the hulls the engines came in. Thanks.

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    I personally knew or know of a guy that put a 787cc in one and it was a haus with him on it cause he's a small guy and raced them few years back- ie Conroe Tx ,Lewisviile Tx, Havasu and a few other places. He could ride it, i couldnt.. it was heavy, balance with me? i don't know why but it was really set up for him...

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    Bang for the buck, i would spend some jack with Group K before i did some nasty swap... You can keep the rideability of the ski intact... If you put a 951 in that ski it's going to be even more unstable. Besides, if you have the means and the time to do a swap project, make it time well spent on a GPRXP... cause you can get to 100mph...

    Do some reading on Group K though... they make some really nice mods to the old 2 smokers...

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    Rad dudes makes a conversion plate to swap a Kawi 1100 into an hx

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    It's been done and there are several around, a couple builds on Pwctoday right now. The 787 is much easier for fitment and tons of threads can be found on it. I will be putting a 787 in mine as soon as I come across one.

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