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    I am absolutely sure this has been covered.

    Please humor me and advise the best octane level for the 2006 GPR.

    I have been told different things so far.

    My humble thanks.

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    87... or the lowest available

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    I agree with WFO. Octane is a flame retardant. All it does is stop pre detination. For stock, the compression and temp of the cylinders and pistons, isnt high enough to cause pre detination. To understand this better you have to relize that pre detination is were the fuel charge is compressed and heated untill the point where it combusts without a spark(desieling). This is actually how a desiel works for it has no sparkplugs.

    When you increase compression or make mods that increase stock temperatures you create a situation that causes pre-detination. The solution to this problem is adding octane. There is a point where octane will actually retard the ignition of the spark and you will lose peak power and performance.
    So the cheap stuff is always the best unless you have pre-detination.
    Now haveing said that remember that predetination can happin millaseconds before the spark plug fires and can only be detected by plug readings.IMHO

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    OK...why would the dealer say to use the high stuff?

    I thought it was a stupid question but there it is...going against conventions.

    Really...lower the better...hmmm.

    Oh well.

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    YEP, They hit the nail on the head. Your dealer told you that for the same reason mine told me that. They dont know what they are talking about! Alot of people think if they run high octane there going to go faster or its cleaner or something. Assuming we are talking about "normal" gasoline and a stock engine, that thinking is wrong. Not only is it cheaper but you will be faster and burn more efficiently with 87 (on a stock ski).

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