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    My new 2001 Yamaha SUV PWC offshore fishing rack (Houston, TX)

    Thanks to all of the obvious players like JSB and many many others on this site who have pulled the trigger and paved the way on rack designs and for beta testing and reporting design flaws to allow the rest of us a chance at engineering a successful first attempt on design.

    The large holder on the front left rack is an idea borrowed from another forum member. I'll give him props when I can find his rack post again. The entire front rack idea was of course borrowed from JSB and others but modified for my needs. I will probably use the 45 degree bends on the front left and right to mount marine speakers or additional clamp style rod holders. The flat top bar will be for mounting electronics at some point.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This 150 qt. Cooler design was created by Trey from Aluminum Outfitters in Kingwood, TX. The dude has a ton of offshore fishing experience and a great creative eye for these racks. He does very high end work and has a work ethic that you just do not find easily these days. I have been shopping around for a welder for a rack for over a year and a half, have dropped my ski off at other places in the past for the job and have had to later pick up my ski after as much as 3 months of no progress from other fabricators. This guy is the real deal if you are looking for someone to weld anything out of aluminum in the Houston area. Let him know gigem from greenhulk sent you please. I told him I would be sending him more work from this forum. You will be very happy with his work and his pricing compared to anywhere else I have encountered in this market.

    This is my beta test design. I wanted the rear hatches kept unobstructed and the swim platform clean. I am going to have him modify the middle rear support and add stabilizer bar support up over to the rear seating area afterall because although the design is stable I want to make a rear pad bracket between the two vertical rod holders for sight casting using the cooler rack as a leaning post. I dropped my SUV off on a Tuesday and got it back the following Tuesday with this rack bolted on. His normal turnaround should be 1 to 2 weeks.

    His number is: Trey (Aluminum Outfitters) 281-787-3039

    Now I just need to learn how to fish

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    Very nice; congrats. Now go set the hook!

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    And couldn't have been a more perfect member to chime in first since it was your original PVC rack that I copied to put on my first ski. That thing is still strong as hell! My buddy has it on his 08 Kawasaki 250 now and uses it for jug fishing Lake Livingston. Thanks again for the design on that rack Gator!

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    You're quite welcome. Even if in the smallest way, I'm glad I could contribute to such a great project. More and more, I find it impressive that these older/larger machines have been restored and are finding a niche within the PWC community.

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    Let us know how the rack turns out...and give me a shout next time you head out to wet a line, I am in Houston as well.

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    Congrats! That is the advantage of custom, you can make exactly the way you want.

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    nice setup! I too wanted a rack that still let me use my rear deck, (great minds think alike, lol)
    now go fill that cooler up with fish!

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    Thanks guys! The anchor holster is one of my favorite parts so far. One of the other local 2001 SUV guys actually copied someone and loaned that idea to me. The welded "V" bracing works excellent for holding anchor rope while in tow.

    Hey 1 Clean, myself and 2 other SUV buds are heading out this Monday morning out of the i-10 east area to fish the northeast corner of Trinity Bay if you are off? P.M me if u can join and I'll get you the details. Supposed to be nice out I believe and decent winds.
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    Dropped the SUV off with Trey yesterday afternoon to have a support bar added to the front of the rack to connect it into the tow hitch. I weigh 195 and can do bent knee pullups from the back of the rack now. Also had a bar added on center under the cooler to allow use of variable sized smaller coolers when we just go bay fishing. He had it ready for pickup the same day! Now where else have you ever heard of a custom welding job being ready on the same day as the drop?

    I like the new support bar because this will allow the use of the cooler lip as a leaning post and having the bar there adds to the fishermans stability in sloppy conditions by allowing my upper calves to get leverage left and right when needed while still allowing plenty of room to move around back there.

    One thing I noticed is that it sure was nice being able to stand up straight to fish the shallows for flounder. I'm not the most experienced caster so it made accurate casting easier than when I'm sitting. Thanks again to all of you for the awesome ideas over the last couple years and thaks to atrey and the other guys at Aluminum Outfitters for an awesome custom rig. This won't be my last one!Click image for larger version. 

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    Are you able to pull yourself up from the back swim platform out of the water?

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