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    Help winterizing Ultra 150 & 130

    I've winterized my Seadoo GSX and 750 ZXI with no problems getting to intakes. Both were very simple to remove the covers and just simply spray into the carbs.
    The 150 and 130 are much more difficult to remove the covers. I did however find a video of someone finding the air intake on a 150 underneath the rear of the cover and simply spraying in there. Does this work? I also think I found where the air intake is on the 130. Can I do the same? Taking the bolts off the cover would be major project.
    I do the usual, run the motor and put RV antifreeze into the flush nozzle and wait for it to come out the back, spray the oil into carbs when running, and take the plugs out and do the same. Then turn it over a few times with a rag over the plug holes. Put Stabil in the gas and oil the cables.
    Any other tips to winterizing these two would be helpful. Thanks.

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    I am pretty certain the Flame Arrestor Assembly is only 4 bolts to remove the top half of the assembly. There is no need to remove the lower half for what you intend on doing.

    If you do decide to remove the lower half - maybe to clean the assembly - it would be a good idea, and the hose clamps around the rubber carb air horns will need to be loosened to allow this lower half to be removed.

    If my memory serves me correctly - I used to treat the fuel with Stabilizer, run it long enough on the garden hose to get the fuel mix into the carbs, and I used to put some 2-Stroke oil in each cylinder through the spark plug holes with a "turkey baster".

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck !!!

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