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    GP/XLT1200 exhaust vs Raider 1100 exhaust? (Not GPR)

    I would like to know if there is a difference in the two pipes outside of color and the 1998 GP

    #1 is the log the same expect for color?
    (casting exit size same?)

    #2 is the elbo the same except for color?
    (if the exit in the GP log is bigger than this piece would need to unique)

    #3 main chamber? I have read the 1998 GP was bigger stinger dia inside and hurt rpm versus running a raider
    (was that the only difference or was the whole pipe volume bigger because of #1 & #2?)

    I found a 1100 but don't own a 1200 to compare.

    Thank you,

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    1100 and 99 gp1200 were the same. 97&98 gps were different. Stinger opening was smaller if I remember correctly. The one you want is the 1100 or 99 gp

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