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    Question MAINT flashes with engine light five times when key inserted


    This may be normal, maybe not. can't seem to find any information about this after searching.

    My 2008 Wake 215 just came out of its service (13 hours, bought at 6 hrs 4 weeks ago). When I insert the seadoo key, the MAINT and check engine light flash 5 times, then go out. Is this normal? It doesn't come on at any other time and the Ski itself seems to be running perfectly fine.

    Thanks, just a little concerned...

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    It sounds like they didn't reset the MAINT in BUDS.
    This comes on at intervals set in the ecu/gauge. (not by a mechanical fault)
    I don't think there is a way to reset this without BUDS/candoo.

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    +1 they didn't reset the maintenance light...

    It's not going to hurt anything by coming on its just annoying...

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    Thanks for the info...Wonder whether it is worth getting it done or just waiting until the 60 hour service to have it cleared. It's a short trip, like 10 minutes, so might just get them to clear it for me. Again thanks for the info...Just worried directly after coming out of the shop I see this MAINT for the first time...thought they might have left a spanner in there or something

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    I'd consider another shop for service. Sounds like they might not be well trained to forget something so common and easy.
    Who knows what they'd forget if you needed something major...

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