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    Upper rebuild!! Need your advice brothers and sisters!!

    Howzit brothers and sisters of the pwc world....time for some advice from the best people in the industry...and thats all of you!! Ive got a 2003 GP1300R, Dobeck EFI controller, dplate, ripped out all the plastic emmision crap in the air sytem, no crew chief, my friend bobby, just pulled the jugs, the heads, basically the whole upper half. I want to send the jugs to Judge Porting to have them done, but Iam thinking new billeted heads, pistons & rings,, reseal the pump, new impeller, handle bars with riser kit, and Iam well aware of RIVA, SBT and a few other manufacturers out there...any suggestions on where to go for the above mentioned parts??? Iam aware it doesnt have to say RIVA to be a great billeted head, iam willing to spend the money, but also frugal enough to shop around. Also, anybody want a kickass EGK EFI controller..go to DOBECK HIGH PERFORMANCE..there out of BOSEMAN MONTANA...what a freakin great product!! I swear by it..upped my top end by 5-6 mph! Anyhow, hope you all r well and had agreat summer!! Time to go winterize both mine and get ready for winter! take care...JETSKIJEFF..MICHIGAN

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    Jims Performance in tampa to get the best out of your 1300

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    Don't bother with a billet head save your money and get the oem one machined. You should get in contact with TJ or Lowell Horning whoever you choose to build your engine and ask them. There is no one better to ask for this information than the engine builder.

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    Hey jetskijeff60, I am very interested in finding a kick-ass fuel controller ... I currently have a EJK powershot ... not sure I like . Also , you can send your stock head to Jim @ Jim's performance ... he will mill it to 150psi specs cost is $85.00 plus shipping ... quick turn time. Please pm me @ ozarkyammonster with more info on this fuel controller co. please ... thanks

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