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    Mix matched parts

    I bought a very used 2002 GTX DI in the hopes of rebuilding it to just slow ride for fun. After taking it apart I found the following. 1.Big bore kit 2. a five port head and injectors on a 6 port block 3. What looks like a stock MPEM 4. a galled back cyclinder. New to the forum so I am asking for advise on what will and won't work together. I plan on putting the motor back stock and standard bore so any help would be appreciated to avoid problems down the rode.

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    Welcome to GH.

    I have no experience with the DI but you may get better feedback in the SeaDoo 2 stroke section.

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    If you are going back to stock, just get a good 5 port block and then everything will match. Most critical are the LE air injectors, which are gray, for the LE DI motor (2002+)

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    The ski has been worked on and resold many times so will the HIN tell me if the ski is an LE DI. The emblem on the side just says GTX DI and the motor is from SBT so my concern is what should stock really be? I would know how to proceed if I knew exactly what I have or had from the factory. The internet is full of information but some of it is misinformation. I have been told that the ski came with the black injectors and a 6 port block but to make sure the fuel mapping was correct I should check the ECU. Again I need to start from the beginning so any help would be appreciated.

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    Sorry to answer my own post but the guys at SBT saved the day, here is what I found. On a 2002 Seadoo GTX DI the LE (low emissions) head with a solid cast water inlet uses the grey injectors and should have a 5 port cyclinder block to be a factory setup. The 6 port cyclinder block should have the black injectors and the head with a screw in water fitting to be correct. When you buy used and abused equipment you need to be smarter than the average Boo Boo bear. You will only get that if you are old__________

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    Yes, what you wrote is true, but you should check the MPEM part number to ensure you have the late LE one.

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