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    951 carb and Di differences???

    I just picked up a 1998 GTX carb model. The engine is seized and the crankcases have a hole in them. The pistons and cylinders are good. I have a crankcase from a 2002 DI. Can I remove the compressor assembly and use the crankcase from the DI and the pistons and cylinder from the carb model? Also, what crankshaft and balance shaft would I have to use to get this running correctly? What is the difference between the DI crankshaft and the carb crankshaft? Thanks.

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    Nothing is really the same between the two. Forget about it and find yourself a new crankcase.

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    get the cases fixed, have have dozens of times

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    On a slightly different note, what are the differences between a "white" engine and a "silver" engine besides the paint they used to paint them?

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    The white 951 had severe issues and is a disaster waiting to happen.

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    A lot of the parts (heads, cylinders, cases) are different between the 97.5 white engine and the 98+ silver ones. The only part that is preferable to have is the exhaust pipe from the white engine. All other parts are junk.

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