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Thread: Mice in trailer

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    Mice in trailer

    So this is the second time i have had to rewire this trailer due to mice eating the wires in the tongue in the winter, the trailer and ski are stored outside, why do you guys do to make sure your wiring is safe! tired of rewiring a the dang trailer!

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    You can stuff brass wool or stainless steel wool into the openings. Boating supply stores sell this kind of thing, but you can buy similar elsewhere. Just don't use regular steel wool as it will rust.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Coarser but quite sturdy is the turned shavings in stainless or brass. Sometimes sold as pot scrubbers.

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    actually you need this:

    Honda TAPE,RODENT 19MM 20M

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    A slightly cheaper method is to replace all the wiring with new wire that does not contain peanut oil ( for flexibility of wiring) rats find that mighty tasty stuff

    Pack rats are a huge issue in some parts of the country

    be glad they didn't get into your hull. I have a polairs 1200 at the shop now that had a pack rat nest in there for the entire winter..the wiring is in very bad shape so we held it for an off season project where I can charge a much lower labor rate.

    once I get into it, I'll be posting the pictures.

    They got into my wife's caddy last year and liked the taste of the vac hoses and the under hood insulation. A local rat snake followed them into the car ( out of place firewall grommet was the entry point to the cabin) and that was quickly followed by the local sheriff/snake handler who was able to remove the snake who looked like he had the culprit for a snack.

    Another solution is to get a string of solar powered blinking holiday lights and lay them around the trailer ( rats don't like blinking lights) Stole that idea from a guy that sells a magnetic light box you put under your hood to scare the rats to someplace else.

    oh yeah..they WILL find some other be vigilant, unless you can hit their lair with everything you got.

    need to track them?

    baby powder and cornstarch will help you follow them home.

    you got off easy..just Google "pack rat damage" to see what can happen
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