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    Riva addresses fitment issue with first generation Fixed Trim Tabs for the RXPX 260

    Riva released their new updated trim tabs for RXPX 260 at the HydroDrags this weekend. New machining of tabs addresses fit/proposing issue that was reported by some customers with 1st generation fixed tabs. Due to a varience in manufacturing tollerance in the trim tab pocket on hull, some billet tab installs were not sitting flat. Most customers are happy with the original machining spec and will not need to update

    Riva is offering a free update to first generation tabs if you are experiencing any issues. I talked to several racers running the new tabs here at the drags and they love them!

    Please contact us if you are experiencing any issues with your trim tabs and we will be happy to assist you in getting an updated set.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The trim tabs can be found here in the online store.

    And don't for get to use the coupon code greenhulk to save 10% on most performance parts
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    If your not running north of 75 you probably won't notice any issue with the first gen of these. My ski bounced like crazy at 76 where it had just a little bounce previously. Fitting flat was not an issue...ok I take that back I had to drill out 2 of the holes on one of them to make it fit flat.. everything to do with poor tolerances/machining or maybe the initial design and nothing to do with my ski. Also the thickness was not correct compared to stock...2-3mm thinner. I'm running just north of 80 now with the stock ones, with one half inch wide strip of a motor mount shim wedged in each one and no bounce what so ever. Better places to put $300 in my opinion. Glad to see Riva fixing the issue.

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