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    SUV Reverse Problem

    Our group took 20 skis from Galveston to Lake Charles LA back in September. On our way back I lost reverse. I only use it while idling~ I lifted the lever and began to lightly give the ski power and I noticed we stopped going in reverse and the lever had disengaged itself....meaning it pulled itself out of reverse and the lever went back in to the flush position. I pulled the lever back up and gave it a little gas. Again, the lever dropped and reverse did not work. If I want reverse I have to pull up the lever and hold it while I give it gas which is a bit tricky since both the lever and throttle are on the starboard side of the ski.

    It was like one minute reverse worked and the next it did not. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

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    you need to inspect the "gearshift" bits under the cowling, you may find the bolt holding the entire affair together was worked loose.

    Use care, you wouldn't fathom how expensive those parts are until you need to replace one.

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