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Thread: my 2002 virage

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    my 2002 virage

    If she wasn't so eloquent, would get rid of her, and get a new Ski! Been having a problem for some time now, with the "cold naturedness" when starting her, would fire and then die, cooler the weather, worse it gets, changed the thru hull bearing, was wanting to do leak check, but being so cool now, couldn't get her warmed up to run? Not a lot of places to take it, to figure out what the codes are? But have been reading a bunch, the Battery is 3 to 4 yrs old, read where you need 44 volts to the injectors, to send a signal to get fuel from the EMM? Before I do drive 80 miles, to a place that says it works Polaris watercraft, should I buy a good kick ass battery? I bet K447 probably have it running in no time? Frustrated in Oklahoma!

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    try new battery first. 4 years is pushing it IMO

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    Any suggestions folks, to what brand of battery? All I care, is that its "kickass" when I hit the start button!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elk river rascal View Post
    Any suggestions folks, to what brand of battery? All I care, is that its "kickass" when I hit the start button!
    East-Penn Deka ETX16, no question.

    There are two versions of this battery (one has positive on the left, the other has positive on the right, otherwise identical performance) so make very sure which end has the positive terminal before hooking up the cables.

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    The "L" would indicate a right side hot lead ( most commonly used). Put a big dab of red paint on the side of the battery once you identify it. Mistakes can cost 1000+ If you have plenty of slack in the cable, you can get away with either one.

    Before you take it to ANY shop, ask if they have the computer software to communicate with your emm.

    before you take it to any shop, get a quality voltmeter and check the status of the CPS and air temp sensors. Installing a new tps wouldn't be a bad idea. You can try unplugging it to see if she'll start and idle. The TPS is THE most common part to crap out on a Polaris DI ski.

    read all of K447 pages in the sig links for tons of great info.

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