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    2 seat vs 3 seat

    Looking to buy my first ski, and would appreciate advice to help me choose between a 2 up or 3 up.
    Here in Australia they are short supply, so seems unlikely I could get a test ride on either before committing to buy.
    We would most likely use it to play around on the river, and occasionally tow a tube/kneeboard/wakeboard.
    With the tight fit on the 2 seater, will it work OK with an observer? There's going to be lots of adult passengers just wanting joy rides, as not everyone in our group has a licence.
    Would appreciate input from those who've ridden one or both, to help me decide whether the 3 up is the more versatile option, or if I'd miss the agility of the 2 up.


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    From what I've read/been able to see in videos and photos, The 2 is more of a 1 person/occasional 2nd passenger, and the 3 is more of a 2 person + occasional tow. Also the capacity is 350 pounds for the 2 seater, so having an observer might be fine, but towing without the extra buoyancy of the swim platform might be a little unstable

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    I seem to recall reading that the extra buoyancy module on the Spark 3-up models can be removed, which gives you the flexibility of 2-up handling when you want it and 3-up stability and support when needed.

    I do not know how easily it can be removed or attached.

    The 3-up models all come with 90hp engine, only the 2-up is available with 60hp, as I recall.

    Perhaps the buoyancy module can be attached (retrofitted) to a 2-up model? Dunno about the seat length differences.

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    The added piece is a swim platform, bolted on the back. Not sure how easy it is to remove/put back on, but it seems pretty straightforward.

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    As far as I know, the 3 up model does not actually put any more hull surface in the water. I think its just a bolt on extension of the rear platform.

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    Hey, check out a thread i started a while back, it should answer a few of your questions. Cheers!

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    Thanks guys for the helpful advice. Pretty much confirms what I was thinking about the versatility the 3 up offers, but was wary as it is an extra $1000 here in Australia. Didn't want to spend all that extra and possibly regret it.
    be interesting to see how easily removable the extension is.

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    Totally agree with Ramlax13. I own a 90HP 2 up Spark and it struggles heaps with 2 people. If you need to carry the extra person, pay the extra cost and go the 3 up. If its just a ski that you want to use to throw around and have fun with just yourself go the 2 up! Hope that helps

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    the only real 3 person ski is the yamaha SUV. Even my RXT does not like 3 people. That third person being a 5 year old in the middle which I tried once.

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    I'm not actually intending to carry a third person on the ski, but would want to occasionally tow someone on a toy, so only need driver plus observer on the ski. My local regulations do not insist on a 3 seater for that, but if was wondering if it would be more practical.
    I guess I was wanting to hear from anyone who has ridden both 2 and 3 up versions to compare their handling characteristics.
    Leaning towards 3 up but as already noted on other threads, the original cheap cost of the unit soon climbs when you add the bigger motor, extra seat, accessories, not to mention the paperwork charges.....

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