So the trim on my ski doesn't work, however the motor itself does. So I've tried taking the blue and green wires from the trim switch on the handle bars and put it directly to the motor, this works however of course the gauge and limiters don't work with this setup, and the motor is inside a waterproof compartment and the trim switch is not. Let's call this option A

Option A: Mentioned above

Option B: Manually fix the trim in 1 position with a bracket.

Option C: Some how bypass/rewire the trim control box internally.

Option C would be my prefered method if anyone had any tips/advice/know-how on how to do this.
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In this picture I've (childishly) outlined the wiring. Can I bypass the entire trim control unit? Does the unit do anything other than limit the distance and/or send info to the gauge? If that is the case does on set of wires control the limit and the other the gauge? If so which one?

Also is there anyway to test the control box unit thing to definitely determine this as the issue?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!