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    Poor Boy Vacuum Sucker Upper Any Liquid

    You might be interested in an vacuum pump for many uses, an air compressor is needed but I bet many have one.

    Now do you have a pump sprayer which no longer works? Get a package of rubber valve stems 1/2 or 9/16 and drill a hole near the top of the sprayer. Now get some sturdy string and 1/4 nuts. Remove the valve core thread the string through the valve core. Now tie the nuts about 18" apart with the valve stem between them. Now the nut with the threaded end drop the down sprayer neck while holding valve stem. Now fish the nut through the hole and pull the valve stem through the drilled hole so it seats. Some Vaseline or liquid soap makes pull easier. Reinstall valve core and make sure old pump is sealed to prevent leaks. Now you have a nice sprayer which even a bicycle pump will pressurize 30PSI. Personally those 2 quart thumb operated sprays are great for power cleaners, diesel fuel, diluted acid for rust remover, and mineral spirits. You can even spray thinned water based paints but cleaning after spraying is required.

    Now if you remove the sprayer hose and replace it with similar ID hose long enough for all your vacuum needs and get some polyethylene tubing which will fit your dipstick, you're ready to proceed with the vacuum pump. This will also suck your PWC bilge dry after soap and rinse. It sure beat rags and sponges. First get a clip-on air chuck and a threaded fitting to hose adapter and a female 1/4" flare to hose fitting. Now assemble your vacuum hose, I recommend worm screw hose clamps. The only thing left is hooking up your vacuum pump which is intuitive. Pump $15 + shipping from Harbor Freight Tools if you clog the vacuum pump just blow backwards. Since it's operates like a carburetor unless your spray falls over or completely filled you'll be fine. Beside these uses it makes a great solder sucker instant vacuum.

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