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    Storage question

    I have 2013 VXR and have been garaging it all the time since new, but now I am about to buy another toy, a car that has a much higher value and of course since I only have one car garage I have a dilemma. I was wondering if it would be ok to keep the VXR outside on the trailer and under a cover. I am in Navarre Fl and the winter is pretty mild. Has anyone been storing their skies outside for long period of time?

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    Plenty of people in much colder and harsher climates store their watercraft outside!

    The cover will degrade somewhat quicker with sun exposure but it should still last for years. Make sure the cover is snug fitting and will not flap in the rain or catch and hold rain water.

    If you can, tilting the nose of the trailer up high can help the rain water drain off and not collect in the foot wells.

    I would think the bigger concern would be security and theft potential. If you have that aspect under control then there really is not much to worry about.

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    When I store my skis outside, I use the factory cover, and then I use a blue tarp with bungee cords to cover that. It protects the factory cover from the elements and keeps it nice and dry.

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