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    Looking for some help in the Naples/FM area (Bonita). Ski was rear ended on trailer

    I am out of my mind upset right now.

    Is there anyone in the area that can recommend a good repair shop that can fix some minor hull damage?

    Trying to figure out where to start with this debacle... Back in July my wife and her sister went out for a ride, and to make a long story short my ski got bounced off a Chanel marker. It cracked the front right side under the rubber bumper, and chunked up the hull in front of the sponson. I took it to a guy that was reccomended by Naples Motorsports, and if this is who you will recommend, please don't. The ski has been going back and forth to get redone ever since. I just got it back yesterday after being back down there for almost a month. This brings us to today where on the way home from being out on the water it was rear ended by some girl not paying attention.

    There is a small (about an 1 1/2" diameter) chunk out of the back of the hall, and some minor scuffs, and scratches. My trailer is also bent from the ski being pushed up over the front stop. It's a good thing this happened in slow traffic. My truck was stopped and the girl wasn't going that fast, or it could have been real bad.

    I ate the last repair because I didn't want to make a claim for something that was barely more than the deductible when it was caused by a family member. This is 100% the girls fault so I am not coming out of pocket for this. How does this work? Will my insurance company go after hers, or am I going to have to make a claim on mine? Would I be better off suing her in small claims? Should I get an estimate before calling my ins co? Should I just call hers?

    I just want a ski that I can cruise around on and take to the beach with the family. It's not a hot rod (GTI SE 155), and I don't want it to be a project.
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    I would appreciate any help, and recommendations that can be given.

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    I had hull repair work done to my PWC at Salty Sam's marina in Fort Myers Beach. They did an excellent job.

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    what insurance company you got

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    The girl that hit it has MetLife. I have the claim started with them already. Didn't even call mine. I ended up taking the ski to Sun Sports on colonial. They are the only ones that I could find that would take care of everything. The marinas would only do the body work, and not get the parts, or fix the trailer. The dealership will take care of all of it, and make sure there isn't anything else. Being that she hit the back of it I don't know if any of the driveline got shifted or anything.

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