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    FZr with a bunch of mods, where should my mph be at?

    Hey guys, just finished loading up my fZr with some mods, tomorrow will be testing it out, just want to know where my top mph should be? Just so I know everything is right.

    Current weather, summer, hot air.

    riva e1
    watson intercooler
    motec m400
    1000cc injectors
    extra water lines
    r&d rideplate
    r&d intake grate
    ribbon delete
    13/24 pitched for 8300-8400rpm
    r&d anti cavitation cone

    where should my mph be around? Spinning 8300rpm?


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    82-86mph depending on water and motec tune

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    You should be around 84 mph
    Two skis in Qld with that setup have run 86 mph
    With the revs around 8,600

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    Great, will let you know results! I think 82-84 max with this heat and 8300rpm.. But will c how we go

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    Put it this way your better off with a yami

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    Lol @ dean, the truth!

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