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    rebuilt, not wanting to start

    FINALLY got everything back together and a new starter and ready to go. Engine turns over and from time to time will pop like it is trying to fire off, but it just wont run. After cranking on it for about 20 seconds I get a "check engine" light and message but it immediately goes away as soon as i let off the button. obviously i am missing something (it has plenty of fuel). Any thoughts on what I may be overlooking? i am trying to start it in my shop. once it cranks up I will move it to the pond to let it run for a while so it doesnt overheat.

    ground wire?
    missed a plug?

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    What kind of ski is it??

    I'm thinking its ghosts...

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    can you spin the engine one full cylinder rotation by hand?

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    From the nut at the supercharger I can with a socket/wrench

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    Did you lock the cam and crank to set the timing? if you did, I would then look for a connector not plugged in

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    did u mix up the head temp and crank sensor connector? this is easy as they both have the same plug and are right next to each other. This will give u the symptoms your engine is doing

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    ya brp wtf every thing has a ev1 connection on my ski

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    If all connectors are correct you installed the crank trigger wheel wrong. check your rpms while cranking on cluster. if there around or less then 300 rpm then that would confirm it was installed incorrect. the check engine beep is because the crank sensor is not syncing correctly with the cam sensor

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    i did pin everything when i put it back together. I did it wrong one time and that was an expensive mistake! I will check the plugs first.

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