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    Yamaha gp 760 exhaust problem

    Hi I have 2 2000 Yamaha gp 760 wave runners and 1 of them is having a problem with water not coming out of the exhaust pipe at the rear of the ski I changed the water box with the other ski and that is not clogged or anything I have checked all the other outlet pipes and they are all working fine the water box is getting hotter than normal, where do I check to see if the proper amount of water is getting into the exhaust pipe that goes to the water box?? Also when the ski is sitting idleing only a few drops of water is coming out but if I rev. the engine it then comes out like my other ski ?? The ski runs fine with no problems in the water I am noticeing this water issue when I rinse the engine after I use the ski on the ocean. HELP PLEASE
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    has the ski been sitting for a while? sometimes the cooling channels around the pipe can get clogged and stop the flow of water.

    you say water comes out all the other exhaust ports correct? it might be that you dont have enough hose pressure to push the water all the way through the ski, it could accumulate in your waterbox and then like you said, shoot out when u rev it. your waterbox might be getting hot just because you are running it to long on land, does this happen in the water also? how long are you running on land?

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    No I am not running too long on land only 10 min. or so and I have 2skis for about 5 years now and never noticed this before and my other ski has a small amount of water running out the exhaust and every few seconds some more comes out . my water box on the bad ski is getting hotter than usual, THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, No it hasn't been sitting at all I use them every week but I did bump the ground a week or so ago. and after that the pipe that goes from the exhaust pipe to the waterbox had a split in it I repaired that.
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    you replaced or repaired? if you hit ground hard enough to break an exhaust pipe you may have other problems also.

    10 mins is to long on the hose. try 3-5 mins. anymore than that and you might overheat.

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