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    my impressions of our sparks

    howdy, I just picked up our two 90hp 2ups a few days ago, just thought id post my reason and impressions , for us the choice was the sparks, we really wanted two skis so me and my partner could both go out, so for us buying two $10700 skis trailered and rego as too apposed to one big ski at $20,000, was little more particle for us, we prob could looked at the gti or something but then we would be talking what $27k for two and that was just a bit much for us, plus if I was going to get a big ski it would been a rxpx and then we would be back to one ski, so anyway enough dribble lol so we ended up with the sparks, as for impressions we went out yesterday for a quick hour as I had work, it was fairly rough heading out the harbour, I had my oldest son 10 yr old and my partner had our youngest 6yr old, first impression was really good, but if both me and my oldest son was to lean right over on the ski (not moving ) yer u get the impression it will tip, but moving wow that's different im 90kg yer yer little over weight haha and he's 35kg so a fair bit of weight lol, I could throw it, jump it and was awesome fun, even with him on the back I couldn't go full crazy as im running it in and at that time actually had it in touring mode ( didn't know how to put it in sports mode lol ) but was very impressed, when u slow right down and putt along 1/4 throttle or so along with that kinda weight it felt like it was doing it tough but get it up on its plane and it was absolutely fine, haven't had a ride by my self so haven't got any impressions on that, but with my son on the back we still had a ball, this was in fairly rough open water too with a passenger, anyway just thought id give my imput take it how you like lol

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    Wow, thats one looooooong run-on sentence....but thanks for the contribution. If i had more time this month id take one for a test drive to see if i should pick a few up.

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    Interesting. I would never have considered doing a first ride or a test ride on a new-to-me watercraft with any passengers.

    Even riding a brand new machine with a warranty, things can go wrong. Passengers are a distraction and can become something else to manage if trouble arises.

    For example, if one machine were to fail then the other can be used to tow it back. Of course that means you must carry a tow rope.

    It also means having as few people as possible sitting on the disabled machine while under tow. That is not possible if both machines are already at full passenger capacity.

    I am surprised that you chose 2-up models as that means both machines are at full passenger count every time the family goes riding. I expect those those kids are going to get heavier as they grow.

    Was the 2-up choice driven in part by the added cost of the 3-up versions?

    Have you tried reboarding from deep water? If you both fall off, you want to know how to actually get back on. Waves combined with reboarding with your weight right at the back can be trickier than expected on many smaller hulls (of any brand).

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    I have and XP, XPL and GP1200. I may look at buying one of these but I think I would take it for a test too before doing so to compare them to my current crafts. I think the XP/XPL crafts are just about the hardest to get back on if you fall off so I would like to see what these are like in deep water. If you can get on an XP/XPL in wavy water then you should be able to get on anything since these crafts are probably the easiest jetskis to tip. People just sitting on them in flat water have fallen off my skis. It is like a have to constantly watch your balance. It sounds like the new sparks are lighter but have a lower center of gravity probably so they should be more stable. I'll find out next spring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Have you tried reboarding from deep water? If you both fall off, you want to know how to actually get back on. Waves combined with reboarding with your weight right at the back can be trickier than expected on many smaller hulls (of any brand).
    by far this is the MOST important skill that needs to be acquired before heading off on a PWC. Pretty much the same deal as being able to lift your new motorcycle back upright if it tips over.

    If you cannot get on the ski in 6 feet of water, you will have a real issue pretty quickly.

    It's part of my " do you really want to buy a jetski?" speech.

    You need good upper body strength and some technique ( balance) to get back on a ski in deep water.

    Hypothermia can set in quickly even on a hot summers day.

    start doing pushups now..once you can do 50..I'd say you have a good chance of being able to deal with getting back on after an hour of two of riding when you're actually tired.

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    to put in sports mode

    hold the mode button down for 2sec plus should beep
    then release then push once
    you should see the sports mode come up

    Spark on order

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    I'd like to see a vid of 2 grown ppl trying to mount a 2up in deep water... should be interesting...
    I can tell you what 2 ppl mounting a 96 XP in deep water looks like... it's ugly for the second person unless the combined weight is under 200 lbs. Typically the second person has to board the back of the ski after the engine is started (not a safe practice, watch out for the jet wash!)and the driver is taking off.

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    K447 It is soo true about firsat time folks. My first ski was a gtx di and we chose to go out to the lake with three on board. Was not much of a problem when we got there but after playing and getting used to it for an hour or two we proceeded back across open water on the lake for a 2 mile run to the ramp. If the wind and storm hadn't come up and the t to 3 foot chop and cross waves hadn't come up it would not have been bad. No I weigh 160 or so, my some is pushing 250 and the wife lets say 125 we are already pushing what should be on it. We got knocked off 3 or 4 times on the way back. Had none fishing boat come ask us if we were ok. We laughed so hard trying to get back on and chasing the ski down after we fell off. was a real eye opener. W=Even now it would be interesting. I am sure there was at least one boat watching us try to get back. We sure made his day.

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    I can truthfully tell you I saw two full grown men, weighing around the 250+ mark re-board one in head high deep water at an event when launched. They were both skeptical of the power and jokingly both jumped on to see what would happen. After about a 3 or so minute ride they both got to messing around in the idle zone and came off. The driver got back on no issues, the passenger took three different attempts, but made it back on. I will say, the both have a ton of time riding watercraft and plenty of time re-boarding, but this never would have happened on the older XP

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    howdy guys this isn't our first ski we have had ski's before stand ups and sit down so kinda familiar with skis you must of had some pretty bad luck with buying new if your so cautious to take em out for the first time, but seen the dock or even the beach was 5 mins away didn't think it was a problem if something happened, like you said if you haven't reboarded a ski before yer u may have some problems pulling your self up on these or maybe not haven't tried, but about 90% of our riding will be at our shack so wont be a lot of passenger riding done which is why we went the 2ups anyway just giving ya my opinion's

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