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    Reverse Bucket on 95 Waveraider

    I am using the power plant out of a 1100 waveraider for a Jet Dinghy build and was wanting to add reverse. I can't seem to find a tailpiece for those year models that has trim and reverse, don't believe they made one. I was thinking of using the tailpiece off of a yamaha 800r, gp, xl, xlt. But I wasn't sure if the tailpiece would bolt up to the stator of a 95 waveraider, both are 155mm pumps but not sure of the mounting. If anyone has any info please let me know, be much appreciated. Thanks

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    They did not make the reverse trim for the Raider 1100. I believe that they made one for the 96 Wave Venture 1100. More than likely, these conponents will bolt up to your pump.

    Best bet is to confirm this by going to and look at the parts section (microfisch). They should have it under "jet pump" components.

    If they do make them, then go to the For Sale section in the Yamaha adds here on Green Hulk and place a "Want to Buy" (WTB) add for the trim and other components. I am sure that someone has an old junk Wave Venture hull that would be glad to part it out for you. Specify the 1100 model though.

    Good luck.

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    Yeah they didn't make a unit with both reverse and trim for those year models. I know the wave venture had a reverse option but don't believe it had reverse/trim option. I am looking for for the "both" option. Looks like I will have to do some more research I am pretty sure looking at some pics that the 155mm tail piece off of an XL1200 should work on the waveraider 1100 155mm pump with a little bit of modification. The water pickups will be in a different location and the alignment studs look in opposite places but bolt pattern appears to be the same. Any know if the bolt patter for the tailpeice to the stator is different? Thanks for any info.


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