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    Well Here I Go Again Maybe

    Your help is needed since I'm considering buying a Sea Doo 99 XP Limited which has a locked engine. The owner says it started to slow down then stopped then he restarted it and shortly it locked up, this sounds like a piston freeze but only if his story is valid. Of course the oilier line could have come disconnected from one carburetor too which shouldn't happen. I was wondering if turning the impeller or shaft could determine if the crank is broken. Of course I wouldn't buy it if this is the case since it seems to be fatal disease for 10+ year old machine. Thankfully this model seems to have an adequate opening to the engine so you don't feel like you're working in gopher hole.

    If it passes above will I need a BUDS scanner to clear stored error codes or watching ditty bop (Morse Code) like serial flashing display light. To bad PWC manufactures didn't opt for OBD III diagnostic code library, after all it has many more usable codes than BUDS but, I also know how different Germans are about using their technology. At least they had no choice which system to use with their cars sold here.

    Has anyone used one of those bore scopes with color monitor to check cylinder condition or does a flexible led light while looking down the plug hole suffice? Also it appears Arctic Cat/Tigershark, Polaris, and Honda have all tossed in the towel as far as PWC's are concerned, is this correct since it explains low sales/profitability during the recession. BTW sometime in the future, I would like to get a Honda Aquatrax since it would be a perfect aircraft engine with a reduction drive at a reasoni.

    I appreciate your assistance since most of my time was working on Honda bikes, at least PWC's don't have gear boxes and hot pipes. LOL

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    Easiest way to check cylinder condition on those is to pull the rave valves, 2 bolts each and they are right on top. Pull the caps if you have clearance issues with the pipe and the two side bolts and they slide right out and give a perfect view of the side of the piston and cylinder wall.

    If his story is valid... it may be as simple as a fouled or bearing locked jet pump, i would start there.

    Determining whether the crank is broken is very tricky on a locked engine, even if the cylinders are the only problem i would send the whole engine in as a core and buy a reman, but that's just me. It's too cheap, and it's hard to beat a 2 year NO FAULT warranty...

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    Pull the RAVE valves and shine a light and down the hole while turning the engine by hand (with the spark plugs out).
    You'll be able to see the top and exhaust side of piston as well as the cyl wall on the intake side.

    You will not need to reset error codes for a stuck piston or almost anything else on the 99xpl. (as long as you have a proper key)

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    It better be cheap or I would walk. Your are looking at a top end already, need to rebuild carbs too, check pump for damage too. If the hull is really nice and clean - no gouges and the ski looks really clean I would pay about $1000 since you will probably put a little under $800 into it before you are done. If there is any serious engine damage you are now putting at least $1500 into it.

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