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    1999 Seadoo XP 951 - Buying pointers

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking to buy my first PWC and am thinking of a Seadoo XP 951. Could you give me some specific things to look out for when inspecting these ski's. I have already gone through your previous buyers guide but just want to know if there is anything specific to this ski.

    The ski will be used on a remote island in salt water.

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    I'd suggest another model, given your remote location and the intrinsic issues surrounding this model.

    If you are going ahead a compression test and a complete inspection by a competent watercraft tech will save you lots of money and downtime later.

    You speficially want to be on the lookout for sloppy workmanship on anything you can see.

    For your application I'd suggest any 4 stroke ski.

    a 951 that has injested water at anytime is prone to sudden and catatrophic failures of the engine

    oh yes, welcome to GH!

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    I have a 99 951 XP. I won't take it in salt water. I think it will destroy your engine in a few years. Remember that it uses that salt water to cool the engine so it actually corrodes internally. You have to clean that craft every time you take it out of the water ...daily.. If you are not going to do this look for another craft. Mine is great shape but I am careful with it and I do maintenance on it.
    If you are really set on it...pull the rave valves and look for scoring on the cylinder walls. Look to see if there are any signs of water leakage near the manifold to exhaust header pipe. It also should have a big black rubber gasket around this fitting to deflect any water ... which shouldn't be leaking there in the first place! Also check the pump...look for damage and see if the black oil cone is still there and intact.
    You will also need to clean the carbs as a precaution.

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    thanks for the feedback nmpeter. All 4 stroke models are out of my price range here in New Zealand. What type of 2 stroke would you be recommending? What is the rebuild cost of an engine if it suffers a catastrophic failure?

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    any 787 powered Seadoo would be a suitable choice, even a rfi model. However carb models are in plentiful supply and parts are reasonable and say I was coming to NZ...I'd be looking for a few of those.

    one of my favorite rides is the 787 gtx vintage 1997. here in the states you can often find a very nice model for under $2500..many around $1500.

    Likely double that in NZ.

    a 951 engine can be expensive to fix if there is case damage, which is often the case.

    A few years back I bought a 951 Di with a totally rusted engine for $500 and the engine replacement was so pricey -almost 2,000 ( even with all my own labor) I opted not to repair it. as the payoff was not worth the risk ( it was an XP model, had it been a gtx model I might have thought about it for a few days more)

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    Would a 787 engine be found in an SPX 800?

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    If your going to buy 2nd hand then it is a gamble with any model ski.
    If you buy a Kawasaki,Yamaha.Polaris,Seadoo how do you know if its been sunk or ingested water before ??
    You dont,so all you can do is try to make an informed decision with what you have
    PWCs and all seadoos are designed to be ridden in the Salt water,dont get put off with buying an XPL
    They are a great machine in flat water and Ocean ridng and carves up every other ski , period !
    Any PWC engine from all brands that ingests water and then not ridden for at least an hour immediately after will eventually fail,either a main or small end bearing failure or piston/rings will score the bores and then loose compression
    If you are careful with your XPL initially you will get years of riding pleasure from it
    Most newbie s take them out and fall of it and at the same time pull them over as they fall in to the water and turn them upside down and then re write them the WRONG WAY which can let water into the engine
    They dont realize that the 97-98 XPL models are more prone to taking on more water when tipped over due to the front vent holes being a crappy design.
    These can be blocked up very easily to overcome this problem
    Try to get a 99 and or later model,check the compression 120psi would be a minimum,135 is good and above for a stock ski
    Does it have the stock snorkel air filters or has it been re jetted and different air filters installed ?
    Look at the drive shaft inside the hull and see if it has been greased at the nipple next to the bilge pump, if its dry and crusty chances are the bearing may be on its way out due to no maintenance
    Check that the Automatic bilge works by pressing the stop/start button without the lanyard in,it should work for a short time and turn off.
    Look over the electrical loom for deterioration and cutting of any wires and joining
    Look at the Hood hinge assembly where it bolts up to the hood as some can crack their.
    Make sure the gauges work (speedo not important) and the trim works up and down.
    Seat hinges are solid,hood seals are all good,Hull underneath should have nicks and scratches but no penetrations
    Check if it has the Oil injection pump on the front of the magneto case and hooked up(under the exhaust Pipe)
    Depending which model you are looking at it may have the grey tempo fuel lines on it still, ask if you can remove the fuel filter and see if there is any goo down the bottom.If so the fuel lines are rotting from the inside and need to be changed over to auto fuel hoses and the carbs cleaned before it is ran again(very important)
    Impeller and scoop grate in reasonable condition and if its a 99+ it should have a plastic pump which is better
    It should start instantly when warm and idle without touching the throttle off the trailer.
    Most people that warn you about buying an xpl or seadoo skis with 951s in them are due to themselves not being familiar with them and dont really know how to look after them,its easier for them to just say STAY AWAY From THEM.
    This is a good start when looking at XPlimited.
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