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    FS: GPR Performance Parts

    Some GPR parts that I don't need:

    R&D Dominator intake Manifold for GPR

    Asking: $95 shipped

    Brand New Solas dyna fly 13/19

    Note: impeler is for a gpr 05 and up or HO pump (big hub)

    Asking: $210 plus shipping

    Skat set back 14vane pump stator (low hours used & stator only)

    Asking: SOLD

    Skat swirl 13/19 impeller w/ tool & rubber cone (used/ good shape)

    Asking: SOLD

    Note: prop came with the 14vane skat set back pump stator that I am selling and I don't know what other pump it will fit in.

    5degree 87mm exit nozzle

    Asking: $85 shipped

    Pro tec modded CDI (GP1200r)

    Asking: $155 shipped

    Pm me if you have any questions or need pics
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    Could you post pics of the prop & nozzle. What year & model GPR did use these for ?

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    Prop and pump is sold!!!

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    Bump- Added more parts


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