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    Picks of your workstations..

    What kind of systems do you guys use for the internet ...I would imagine some of you guys have some pretty funky computer setups...

    A friend of mine has 2 monitors that work in sync...It is kind of cool..

    Miketrin I would imagine yours is high tech too..

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    I am PC and Mac user for professional reasons and purposes, at home my 2 desktops are a dual core Athlon X2 2.2 with X850XT video in a HP media center case, 2 Gigs of ram and dual sata raid 10000 rpm drives and a new Apple quad with 4 gig of ram.

    I have to say I am impressed by the way my PC competes with my new G5 Quad.

    Both are connected to a pair ViewSonic 23 LCDs that I consider the best I ever had (I tried Apple displays for a while but was very disappointed, just returned a brand new 30), my laptops are a Powerbook 17, a Vaio 690 that has to go because it's a piece of shit (replaced soon by a HP DV 8000) and a 14" HP Livestrong for mobility...

    Intel sucks and I am miserable Apple is switching...

    Shit I am a geek

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