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    vx 110 help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hay if anyone has a Yamaha vx110 I have some questions for you ....can someone plz measure the rear hydro turf size, tell me how well it is on fuel if your pulling a wakeboarder thanks in advance

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    Length of hydroturf mat is 15.5 inches.

    Width at the widest point 28 inches.

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    thank you so much iv ben thinking about fishing and wanted to cooler size it first thanks now I just need the fuel effichency

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    It's a fuel efficient ski.
    Just doesn't have much power for pulling a wake boarder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    It's a fuel efficient ski.
    Just doesn't have much power for pulling a wake boarder.
    +1 and also not very stable while pulling things.

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    Well sorta depends if it is pulling a small round tube with two small kids or one adult less then 180 with a small spotter is not to bad lol. Right conditions are hard to get

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