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    Anybody try a lightened flywheel on a 66V, GPR or XLT?

    Like to know what results might come from a lightened flywheel on the 66V. Most advertise nice low end with little loss on top, but I'm skeptical,so wondering what you guys might have experienced.


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    I found that the mid range was much more responsive with my lightened stocker flywheel. There was no change in the top end. I got one because when the 66V was first vetted by pro tuners, some had determined that the crank was way heavy and for that reason, the snout on the cranks were prone to breaking in closed course/ rough water racing. I had lost a crank under these conditions and decided to get my flywheel lightened. I ran that flywheel hard for about 5-600 hours before it finally went bad.

    IMHO it is a mod that is worth it if you are racing, because it seems to help keep the engine in the power band when you put a serious load on it.... like making hard 90 degree turns at high speed or accellerating past an opponent by cutting inside.

    If you just like to cruise or do grudge races, it probably is not a worthy mod.

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