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    1996 Yamaha Waveraider 1100 rebuilt?

    Hello my name is Jeff and I recently bought a 1996 Waveraider 1100 from Washington and am having it shipped up to Alaska. The guy sent me the the compression test results and they look good. All three are really close to 150. Wouldn't this mean that it has had rebuild? Ive read the 120 is normal stock so thats the only conclusion I can come up with. It runs good and Ill have fun with it regardless, but the guy insist it has never been rebuilt. It must have been done before he owned it but he has had it since 2003! Not sure what to think here. Either way I got a good deal on it, so im looking for ways you guys have made your wave raiders faster and what products to use. Hopefully you all can digest this mess.

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    It probably means the head was removed and milled for extra performance. Gives more power everywhere from the bottom to top speed, idles better, and probably does a tad better on gas. Needs PREMIUM fuel however or you risk piston damage.
    Seems like I remember stock compression ranges from 115-125 on these engines.

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    I would say it is probably more like his compression gauge is not accurate. ( reading high).

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    can't trust those Harbour Freight gauges :P

    Invest in an intake grate & ride plate & prop.

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