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    Question 2014: FZR(S) vs. RXP

    Hi everyone. I've read up a lot here and would like to say I really enjoy the forum. Great place for a noob like me to gather info on all things technical and Jetski.
    I'm new to the PWC world and have one simple (but maybe complex) question in regards to which ski to buy. I'm tossing up between purchasing the new RXP-X 260 and the FZS SVHO 2014. Few things to take into account before posting your much appreciated and valued opinion:
    * I'm from Brisbane, Australia, and while things are much more expensive here then elsewhere in the world I don't have a set budget in regards to buying and maintaining a new ski.
    * This will be my first ski and I know people will advise to buy second hand first to gather experience and so forth, but to be honest I'm not interested in purchasing anything that's not top of the range.
    * I've only ever ridden a stock 2012 RXP 260 for 5 hours or so in a river, I flogged it till the cows came home and absolutely loved it. However, having done some recent watercraft homework I'm fairly certain I'm leaning towards the Yamaha FZS. Test drive(s) and advice pending.
    * After purchasing and enjoying some hours on my soon to be ski, I more then likely will consider modding to some extent. My understanding is that people tend to lean towards Yamaha when planning to mod.
    * I plan on using it in both fresh and salt water, with the ratio being roughly 50/50.
    * I hope to tow maybe 40% of the time, after having done 30+ hours.
    * My top 5 most enjoyed features and/or aspects of a ski would be;
    5. Aesthetics.
    4. Comfort.
    3. Top speed.
    2. Handling.
    1. Acceleration.

    I hope all this helps on giving me your opinion. If I need to mention anything else just let me know. Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Ride the RXTX 260 , it's the best of both ...

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    I agree try the RXTX 260. You will be surprized. I have owned both ski's and a RXTX aswell and I can say they are all very nice machines.
    The RXPX 260 is by far the best cornering ski of them all period.
    I put the RXTX in Second.
    The FZR 3rd.

    So lets see if I can help.
    5. Aesthetics. RXPX
    4. Comfort. RXTX
    3. Top speed. Stock they are all about the same, With basic mods still very similar, but easiest to 80mph then its the FZR. very simple to get there with the new SVHO.
    2. Handling. 1st RXPX, 2nd RXTX, 3rd FZR
    1. Acceleration. New SVHO FZR is gonna be on top

    I really believe for the family rec ridding towing ski the best all around is the RXT or RXTX as they are about the same thing.
    The RXPX is really a one person ski and not much for towing even thow it can be done. It just list to one side when you not really ridding it hard. Making it less attractive for a rec family ski.
    FZR or S is gonna be the best top speed and accellerating ski with very few mods.

    Hope this helps.

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    I agree that the new SVHO will be the new 0-60 champ in stock form but the FZ platform just doesn't handle....It is like a fat person at a buffet, it is all over the place especially in rough water.

    The RXPX is really a 1 person ride, I have ridden mine with my fiancÚ on the back several times for hours at a time, but to take full advantage of that hull design, it is best as a 1 person ski.

    I would get a RXT/RXTX, plenty of room on the seat, handles nicely, lots of power and PLENTY of room to work on it if needed....

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    If top speed is your goal then svho.

    Having fun carving waves ibr Icontrols go rxpx
    Towing and family fun rxtx

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    I would avoid the FZs just because of the fragile hull. They crack just from normal use. The RXPX is purpose built to run buoys, especially in the rough. If you plan on towing there is only one choice and that is the RXTX.

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    same boat here rxt/x vs fx svho.

    seems yall gave some very unbiased info as the new svho does look like it will be the 0-69 winner now. I will be doing alot of two up riding (most of the time) and towing. but of course I want something that hauls the mail too! im kind of annoyed the rxt-x doesnt have a reboarding step and the rxt does. and I cant understand the 1200$ price swing for minimal upgrades but the rxt color combo is yuck! lol

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    +1 RXTX 260, you just can't go wrong with that ski.

    RXPX is not friendly for going less that 35 or riding to up.

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    also to make it more difficult. the rxp and the gtr 215 comes with 30gal storage. why does the rxt have 13 gallons. this really blows me away with how big these things are.

    then; the rxt has a boarding step and the rxt-x (1200$ more) doesnt

    not a single yamaha or seadoo ski can give me everything i want it seems without having to modify and add right out the gate! im trying to convince myself to go seadoo bc I really feel me and the wife will have better luck/maneuvering with the seadoo and IBR bc of yamahas poor setup will be a cluster around docks. Im giving up the faster svho unit in favor of this but hell. When the 14s come out how much will dealers work with you on these units early in the year around jan-feb (boat shows etc)

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    +1, I am also taking a look at Sea-doo. I am a pretty faithful Yamaha guy but curiosity has got the best if me..... I can get a 13' rxp-x 260 here right now for dirt cheap. I am thinking about trying one out.

    the only thing I am concerned about is that I am 6'3 and 260. I am not the smallest man in the world and my FX Cruiser SHO is super plush. I have read about the rxp being a little unstable at below 30 mph. Any truth to it? How does stability compare to an FZR for those that have ride both?

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