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    Deka ETX340LA Clones

    While doing some research today for my BRP OEM Cross Reference Spreadsheet (this post), I decided to try and track down as many Deka battery "clones" as possible, to help make shopping for the best deals on batteries easier on all of us.

    The best way I found to do this was to look up Deka's manufacturer (East Penn Manufacturing) and then do a search for which trademarks East Penn owns. East Penn's "house" brand is Deka, but they also make the following Deka "clones" as house brands for a number of national auto parts chains and battery store chains. Nearly all of those clones say "EPM Products, Baltimore MD" somewhere on the label. EPM stands for "East Penn Manufacturing."

    • Magna Power (for Advance Auto Parts)
    • Super Start (for O'Reilly)
    • Big Crank (for Battery Mart)
    • Xtreme/X2Power (for Batteries Plus)
    • MK
    • Power-Tec
    • Duralast (for Autozone)
    • NAPA-branded power sports batteries

    Basically, if the part number starts with "ETX," the battery is manufactured by EPM and is a clone of their Deka battery with the same part number.

    All of EPM's batteries have "Made in the USA" on them (as opposed to "Made in China"), and will have the tell-tale Deka-style connectors on top. That means any battery with ETX30LA as the part number is the EPM battery that will fit in the 4-tecs.

    I've added all this info to my cross reference spreadsheet, but if anyone knows of any other Deka clone brands, please post them here and I'll add them, as well!
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    Magna power is what I use it powers my motec, dash, aeromotive 340 pump, wet controller,bilge, two digital gauges, and even does well submerged. 400 cca is also a nice feature one year free replacement

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    Yep, Shrabber. EPM makes that one! Good choice.

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    Thanks for the references! I have first hand experience with the Batteries Plus ones and had to replace both (used in two different skis) in a year period and then another a year later and the skis were used almost every other week in Florida weather and they both crapped out. Nothing but bad experiences with them.

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    I purchased 2 of the EPM batteries from Batteries Plus this year. Very strong batteries, in fact they have been better for me than the Odyssey batteries I owned previously. My 2 particular Polaris machines need a very strong battery to fire the plugs while cranking. My Odyssey batteries were marginal at best after only one year, so I moved them to machines that don't require as strong of a battery to get them fired. The East Penn batteries are strong with power to spare.

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