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    Difference between 155 & 159mm pumps

    Is there a difference in torque or power between 155 &159mm pump housings? I'm seeing that early RXT's had 155mm, then transitioned to 159mm, but now the newer ones are back to 155mm again. Is also looks like the venturi nozzles are the exact same size for both (might be wrong though). Can anyone help me out here?

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    welcome to the GH
    some 155mm were plastic and use a different diameter drive shaft

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    140mm pumps were early 2 stroke, 155mm were the 947 powered skis and the 4 strokes are all 159mm just different thickness wear rings.

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    All Seadoo 4-tec pumps have a 155mm stator.

    Some use 155mm wear rings and impellers, while others use 159mm

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    So from 04-09 all of the housings, shafts, bearings, seals, etc are interchangeable?
    All that changed from model to model is the impeller, and wear ring as far as the pump is concerned?
    So an 04 RXP, an 07 GTX ltd, and an 08 RXT can all be interchanged with the exception of the prop?
    Looking to buy a spare for the shelf, but the parts explosions have a bunch of different numbers... some that are new numbers that replace old ones and i can't figure it all out... I am sure the experts have already been through this... HALP... Thanks in advance.

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