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    Carbon Seat Cover

    I am posting this here since most to the guys running the carbon seats are on the GPR's. Or at least that is what the posts make me seem to think. I have a 3DR seat for my STX-R and need to replace the cover or mat. What company have you used to redo yours? I really don't want to have to send the seat in due to the cost of shipping. I can send the cover I have that is in decent shape yet but not happy with the edging of it and also I have a crack under it that needs to be repair and removing it will destroy the chance of reinstallation. Let me know and thanks in advance.

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    Unless the crack is substanial may be able to repair yourself from the underside of the seat, you can do the fiberglass layover for not much $$. Then if current cover is fairly decent .. just order a new custom cover that you want .. You can either install yourself ... but I just asked a guy here that does marine seats. He did an outstanding job of installing my new cover for $50.00 that's is less than buying the stapler and DIY headachs. Good Luck P.S. I got a great custom cover in the colors that I wanted from "Black Tip" I have had a lot of people come to me and ask where did I get the seat cover done ... They stated that they had spent twice as much on their cover from Jet Trim or some other source .. but really liked mine.

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