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    1989 Rebuild Project

    Hey guys so I am new to the forum but have been posting via my brother (ramlax13) so I figured for this post I would register my own account. I am going to have a lot of free time this summer between starting my job and graduating and was thinking of taking on a project. We have a 1989 SeaDoo SP with the yellow 580 that we had running about 5 years ago and I would like to try and get it running again.

    The last time we had it running it started right up with some fresh gas, new spark plugs, and a new battery but while we were jumping some wakes an alarm went off and water was spewing out of the bottom of the engine. My best guess is that a hose or gasket burst but I really donít know how to tell. It seems like people view these as easy engines to work on so I thatís why I am starting here.

    The main reason that I want to take on this project is to learn basic repairs because we are hoping to buy a Spark this summer and I would like to be able to know a little more than just how to winterize and flush a ski.

    I am hoping that everyone here on the forum could possibly provide some assistance/guidance to do this rebuild. Do you guys think itís a waste of time? Think I will have to sink too much money into it?

    What do you think would need to be done to it? From some research I figure that it will need atleast:

    - New fuel lines
    - New spark plugs
    - New battery
    - New exhaust lines
    - And whatever was causing the water to leak out

    So honestly if you think Iíd be stupid to even try and do this, please feel free to say so, Iíd rather not get started than waste a bunch of time not learning anything . Sorry for the long post.

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    If your getting a spark then I wouldn't waist the time or cash on it.
    In great running condition your 89 model is worth 3-400$ tops..

    I'd sell if for $250 and use that money towards the spark.
    Just my opinion....

    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!

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    Count on rebuilding the carb... after 5 years it's definitly trashed. There is a lot of info out there about the carbs, use the search...
    Check/change the jet pump oil, check/grease the through hull bearing and seal. My bet is that this is where your leak came from...
    If water got in the motor and the cylinders are rusted, or the compression is low, i'm with WOT... it's not worth a bunch of internal motor work.
    I find it worth the while to have a couple older skis like this around for letting my friends ride, an older ski for friends and guests to ride keeps them off of my nice stuff, and if the break it or suck something up in the pump it's no biggie... I just make them help me fix it for the next person... You aren't going to want to let a bunch of other ppl ride that new spark, so you may wanna actually hang on to this relic.

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