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Thread: NW Wrenchers?

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    NW Wrenchers?

    I live on the "wet" side of the state (just outside Seattle), but I keep my skis on the "dry" side (Wenatchee), and ride almost exclusively on the river.

    I'd like to connect with other NW PWC owners for group rides, but over the winter I'm wondering if there are others who might be interested in getting together to wrench on our skis together? I've got a bunch of mods I'm planning on installing over the winter, and it's more fun to wrench with friends.

    Anyone in the Wenatchee, Chelan, Cashmere, Leavenworth area interested in some quality garage time with our boats?

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    I'm on the wet side

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    Merry Christmas, Ferrari Steve!

    I'm also with you on wet side of state, live in Everett. I ride year round here, mostly lake Goodwin, less hassles.

    Not a a big tech guy, my RXT is all stock, so, I wouldn't head east unless to ride.

    Anyway, if you ever up for having some of us join you for rides on the river, that would be awesome!


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    Yeah. I'll plan something for when the weather gets better! Stay tuned!

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    Sounds great! That would be a blast! Happy new year!

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    Wet side as well, time to get the SC rebuilt this year along with some new mats!

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    You gonna rebuild it yourself, or send it in to Jerry? If you have the SC holding bracket, and Danny's Supercharger Tool, I don't imagine it would be too hard to rebuild yourself...

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