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    anyone use a rubber mat to park ski on rocks?

    Had a issue with a few scratches on the sides of my hull the other day as it was parked on the side if a river bank which had small sharp rocks mixed in with the dirt.
    As other boats sped past the wake was enough to move the ski a little.
    I knoticed some other boats used rubber mats at the front for the hull to rest on and one even used some shade cloth.
    Putting an anchor down is not an option due to extreme drop of down to 10m and fast current flow.
    The chicks don't like to swim out....
    Just checking ideas. Could probably get some old conveyor rubber from the scrap heap at work.
    Any other ideas? cheers

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    A boat bumper. The round things they use at marinas when they dock. 1 should easily fit in your storage box unless you have a spark..

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    Make the Fing girls swim out to the ski you paid for, gassed up and brought them out on.

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    i have never seen that but it sounds like a great idea. i have always wanted a scissor type stand that will support the big 3 seaters, but i think what you described would be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imp0ster View Post
    Make the Fing girls swim out to the ski you paid for, gassed up and brought them out on.

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    Could you use a slide hammer anchor spike into the shoreline?

    I have used mine both on shore and in shallow water. As long as you don't hit big rocks under the surface it goes in quite easily and comes out only when you want it out.

    Quite toughly made. You do need a way to stow it on the watercraft, of course. For short trips I just lay it in the footwell. Longer trips it would need to go beside the engine or front storage.

    Sometimes I use a long bungie type anchor line to provide some give, depending on how I have it set up. A float half way along the line makes it easy to reconnect to the anchor after going for a ride.

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