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    1200 Xl Ltd Exploded Exhaust!! help please!! this nearly Killed me :(

    Hi, I have recently bought a 1200Xlt 1999 anyway I wanted to rebuild the carbs and I did all went very well, installed w/eater clips and checked the d-plate all in order.

    Just now I went to start this in my garage, just to check the idle and it started strait away J (I ran this for a sec or two) it was running very slow and dyeing here I had a huge back fire!!!

    I readjusted the idle and re started this…. After 1 or 2 seconds of engine running another huge backfire and the back plastic exhaust part exploded in 100 pieces luckily missing me as I was just in front of this, garage was engulfed with black smoke… what happened???? I don’t know

    Did I do something super wrong here?

    All I know is that I did not supply water as usual! But I only ran the engine for a sec or two for let say 3-4 intervals!

    Photos will follow tomorrow as if I go now to take these I am afraid that I just cut this thing in half!

    attached is what exploded just in case I did not explian clear ...

    what exploded for sure is no 17 but will check tomorrow :
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The backfire is a timing issue. Broken keyway, twisted crank, reeds.

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    Tick tick BOOM...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctct2118 View Post
    The backfire is a timing issue. Broken keyway, twisted crank, reeds.
    Hmm... but I rode this once and never had a b/fire... or else could it be that because this was in the water. And when I flushed this I also supplied water... however thinking back a bit sometimes it did sort of blow a whole lot of water out... with a small bang sort of ... but nothing out of the extraordinary and I guess this is normal?

    any more thoughts please?

    Don’t tell me it’s another issue!!! I change the drive shaft and the coupler with the bearings seals etc... carbs... took me some time to completely disassembly this and reassemble!!! Not to mention the exhaust removal and refitting


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    You should try to run it longer since you just rebuilt the carbs, let the gas flow.

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    Photos!!! Click image for larger version. 

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    backfire its also cause by too much gas getting into the exhaust. you need to pull apart your carbs again and make sure the needle and seat are in good condition , make sure they are adjusted properly.

    this happen to me once on a xl , did you inspect the accelerator pump? pull your reed cages out and make sure they close properly and they are not burn or broken off.

    your problem is in the carbs, not timming not bad crank.
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    I had a resonator pop on me last month (leaking injector) ..looks like new best practice is to leave the seat on while cranking. Another eye almost lost because of a plastic resonator. I wonder how many unfortunate accidents happen that are not reported.

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    as for a replacement you can simply run a straight pipe. I'd roll a bead on the ends though. Cheaper, better flow, sturdier/safer, increased performance?, slightly more noise

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    I'd say given that I've had other plastic resonators blow to some larger less expen$ive bits, it's a good idea to consider them an unexploded grenade and fair distance when introducing other explosives.

    This is why folks it's a pretty good idea NOT to use ether/starter fluid under most circumstances. I little raw fuel down the jugs works nearly as well.

    There's some third party stuff to replace the resonator, but I've read it's surprisingly noisy after replacement on a Seadoo. If that will fly with your neighbors, then certainly to consider.

    Like any other yam part..likely to be a wallet flatter OEM, but I suspect a used one will not set you back much.

    Considering that the going rate for an eyeball is likely close to a million or more, I'd say you got off dirt cheap my friend.

    You'll want to track down the source of this problem before you replace the resonator

    Be mindful of the cooling water situation...lean running engines can heat up surprisingly quick.

    Treat yourself to a cool pair of safety goggles..still cheaper then dog food and a white cane.

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