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    Another Water In Oil Thread

    Hey guys -

    I have a 2007 fx12 turbo.

    The engine is exchanging water into the oil almost immediately after starting the ski. I believe to be running the engine properly on the hose. Engine start - water on. Water off engine off.

    Ski has not been submerged or rolled. No overheat. HAS been in salt water for its 70 hour life. Flushed with salt away after each use.

    Last weekend I pulled the exhaust manifold - I am not able to see any cracks. I do curiously have a soft spot in the manifold for cylinder # 4. (Closest to turbo) - right where the manifold rounds - I started scratching it with a pocket screw driver and eventually made a pretty significant hole. It doesn't go into

    I have read online where the manifolds were problematic especially in salt water.

    When I pulled the oil feed and return lines for the turbo - it was snow white milk whereas in the rest of the engine it's more grey.

    Heres my question!!

    So the exhaust manifold is water cooled. How does that water get back into the engine? Exhaust goes to the turbine side of the turbo - it would seem like the water would go out the exhaust rather than back into the engine?

    I have a good used manifold to go back on ... Just wanted some other thoughts!

    Thanks guys! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I had the same thing happen to my 1st Honda.

    I sold it immediately..

    I don't know how to fix the issue..

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    Water will get into exhaust manifold and make it into turbo, also s cracked cylinder head had been a problem on the Honda as well in salt water

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    Water can contaminate oil from exhaust manifold via turbo charger

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