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    Recommended fix for this hull damage?

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    This is on the bottom of my '08 RXT. I want to get it repaired as quickly and easily as possible but in a manner that won't lead to delamination. If looks are not a concern, should I still be resealing this with gelcoat? Or is there an easier way to get this sealed up?

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    If there arent any cracks in the fiberglass, they make a thick neutral gel coat. Its like jelly. You add black die. You can fill it with that and then sand and polish it out

    Evercoat Marine Polyester Gel-Paste
    Neutral color not white

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    west systems marine resin and hardender you can add there silica to make it the consistency u want and even dye it black with graphite powder. stuff is awesome. get 105 and 205

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    Get the West Systems like STS said, get the silica to thicken it, get whatever is recommended to die it black. Pick all of the loose edges off, don't be scared, but know when to quit. Take a small piece of course sandpaper and work around the edges to make them blend to the non-damaged areas, dig out any voids that might be hard to get epoxy/filler into, sharp edges are your enemy. It's very important to remove any loose material. Then add the filler/epoxy. I use a cheap trick to make it smooth, i apply to epoxy and then use clear packing tape to hold it from sagging and smooth the filling. When the epoxy is set and cooled off i remove the tape, and if i am not concerned about looks and the shape is correct i don't even sand.

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    just buy some black brush on gelcoat, add the hardener paint on thick, cover with cello tape (clear packing tape) let set, either sand and polish or just go ride it

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    use black gel coat , and cut some small fiberglass mat pieces the shape of the hole, usually 2 or 3, and a smaller one to in first, you can sand the edge a little bit before you start, and clean it up with some acetone, use masking tape to make a clean edge, it will be easier later with the wet sandpaper to smooth the edge down,

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    Any updates on your progress? I have the same problem on my hull, been debating on whether to fix it or not. But its very much like yours, just the top coat and the fiberglass is still in tact.

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