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    JSF pistons and cylinder kit

    Is this a good deal , would you buy this?

    I am needing 1 cylinder and piston/rings/ bearings. Figured I might as well replace the other 2 pistons too and it comes with gaskets set.

    I have an 02 XLT 1200 that the oil line came off on #3 and trashed the piston and cylinder.

    I also need a head because it pitted / galled up pretty bad. I have an eye on one here in the classifieds but no response yet.

    ETA link
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    No one? Surely some one has used parts from Jet Ski Factory.

    If it's not a good deal then what is?


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    IMHO, you gotta pay to play. OEM and ProX get the most votes around here. In a high strung PV 1200, that's about all you're gonna want to use.

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