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    Angry Fzr rear seat

    Hi I'm new to forums and first post I've never been on a forum website before but Im giving it ago... I went on ski other day and I ended up losing my rear seat on a fzr sho. I've looked everywhere online and can't seem to find any in Sydney, In saying that I've found in America but they charge a arm and leg for it. I'm just trying my luck to see if anyone has got a fzr rear seat for sale. If you do please let me know thank you.

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    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!

    I've seen a few fzr skis in Miami Craigslist that were being parted out. Only thing is Miami can be a shady place to do business.

    Might want to check eBay.

    Buying a new replacement is going to be expensive.

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    I think i paid around 350 for mine. Wasn't as bad as I thought but I had to wait a while. Jerry can hook you up through the OEM store, but I don't know if it's worth the shipping or how long it will be.

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    Helps if you click them in place before you give it a hit up
    That's gotta suck, give this mob a try
    biggest wrecker of ski's and they have an FZR Listed on there as parts, worth a call,

    good luck with it

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