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    GP1200 PWC cover - OEM?

    Seems like no one has new GP1200 factory covers out there. What are the best aftermarket ones that hold up as long as the factory ones and fit as tight? Poppy Company or Leader accessories any good?

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    The thing about the factory covers - since I have one for my GPR - are they get old and brittle over time. I dont use mine anymore because it leaves 'chunks' behind. Ski is in a garage anyway.

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    Unless you plan to leave your ski out for a period of time ... you might not want the cover. All I am saying is if you travel with your ski it is best to leave it off. The cover itself causes the finish to get rubbed do to the wind flap from on road use. I was @ 1st worried about possible dirt rocks etc. flying up and land on my ski ... no such problem. But I would always have to re shine my ski when I got to where I was going. I would use the cover on the ski when I leave it out all day Or over night on the trailer outside. But now I found it is just better to leave off in a clean closed garage. And cover if outside for long periods of time. There are several aftermarket covers that you can order on line for the Yamaha GP. Sometimes you see one for sale on EBay. Good Luck

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