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    Not turning over GP1300r 2003 PV

    Ski hasn't been started in a few weeks so thought I'd fire it up on the trailer. Didn't start on first couple of attempts - it didn't seem to be turning over very well. I charged the battery for a while and tried again. The engine started, ran very rough then stopped dead very abruptly. From then the engine won't turn over at all. Any ideas on where I should start with this?

    No mods apart from D-plate and wave eater clips and linkage.

    Do I need to start tearing down or is there any other diagnostics I can do ?

    Regarding tearing down - any threads/guides you can point me too will be appreciated!

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    Pull the head off

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctct2118 View Post
    Pull the head off
    Ok got my hands on the service manual - I'll get the head off and take some pics!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    SORRY FOR THE DELAY! Took me ages getting round to the this.

    I took the head off and my initial thoughts are that I am looking in the wrong place. I can't see any issues inside the cylinders, no obvious damage. What am I missing?

    It's worth mentioning also that when I got to this stage I hit the starter - All the pistons do move slightly!
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    have you tried to manually turn the engine by hand? The wear rings are known to blister up and cause the impeller to stick

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    I haven't - How do I turn by hand exactly? do I need to remove the pump?

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    Quote Originally Posted by philip5660 View Post
    I haven't - How do I turn by hand exactly? do I need to remove the pump?
    Hey there

    For now the pump can stay where it is.
    What you want to do is remove the 10mm bolt on the coupler cover at the rear of the engine.
    - by the looks of it you still have the stinger in place (the rear section of the exhaust)
    the coupler cover can be slid back and out with it (the stinger) still in place.
    Once you have the cover off you will be able to grab the the coupler and rotate the engine.
    - I would imagine if it is the wear ring that has swollen.? then you will struggle to turn it forward (anti-clockwise from the rear)
    there is no issue turning it backwards to feel if it is the wear ring causing your problems. (actually a pretty common fault)

    Then you will be able to decide if the pump needs to come out. (might be a good idea anyway to check it over)

    Get to it.!

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    Ah ok i get ya - I'll get back to this over the weekend - I just ran out and a quick look up the nozzle with a torch, I'm pretty sure at the bottom left of the impeller I can see a little bit of rust on the wear ring and no clearance......
    Hopefully this is the source of the problem - So maybe I took the head off for nothing - In any case I'm guessing I'll need a new head gasket.

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    Maybe not, just taking the head off will not damage the gasket. If it still looks good and no damage ... use it. Just follow torque settings.

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    too early to pull the head off. Do what WFO suggsted, try turning it by hand. It may also be the starter getting weak.

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