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    1994 XP weak spark

    Hi all. First post so please be gentle!

    Firstly, let me say I know a fair amount about 2 strokes, having rebuilt plenty of motoX bikes in my time.

    However, I bought a Seadoo XP from a mate last year (well actually swapped it for a bike) I knew is wasn't starting when I got it.

    It's got great compression, plenty of fuel getting through, but a really weak spark.

    I've measured the volts at the coil (both sides) and I'm getting 32v and 24,000v out. Is 24,000 enough to get the spark plug to spark? Anyone know what it should be?

    I've changed the Plug and HT lead but nothing better. I'll change the coil next, but I'm struggling to find one, hence my question above to first find out if it's likely to be this or something further back in the process.

    Cheers all.

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    Can anyone help??

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