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    06 gp1300r overheat override resistor question

    my 06 has that lovely overheat warning that was coming up,
    a local guy had a 2.2K resistor, already soldered in, that I bought, installed fine and worked for a couple of rides.

    now, if I turn off the machine, 80% of the time i'm immediately getting the overhead warning, but if I shut down and restart immediately, it goes away, but will come back if I stop and take a break then start up again.


    a) its not a 2.2 resistor ( I didn't verify, it was all soldered & heat shrinked in)
    b) the resistor went bad & I need to make a trip to Radio shack & get a buddy to solder it for me.
    c) something else ?

    for all practical purposes, would option B, be my first choice, solder it in, & plug it back in and see if problem goes away?

    or just as a precaution, is there perhaps something else I should be concerned about / look into just to be safe.

    sorry, bored at work (slow week) so I just thought i'd make sure i'm not overlooking something else that I should be looking over.

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    2.2k resistor is what I put on my 06 1300r 3 yrs ago and never had a problem. Maybe a bad connection?

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    plan b, replace then check again seems to be the obvious choice, I guess i'll start there first, should have b4 I started the thread, but was curious if there might be anything else that i should look at while poking around.

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    Not all the gpr's respond or need the resistor.
    Put a 10K in there and you shouldn't have any problems....

    atleast I don't.

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    is the overheat warning for engine temp or exhaust temp?

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    its the exhaust temp warning indicator.
    the little engine symbol.

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