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    Cool Polaris 2001 Virage TXi problem, runs poorly only at low throttle

    Hi everyone I have a 2001 polaris virage txi 1200

    ski starts and runs great on land. I put in water and rough at 1/8 to 1/4 throttle but smooth out after that.

    not sure what to do. It got fresh gas, rebuilt motor, new gas hoses, new tps, rebuilt jet pump, oil injection lines.

    thanks caleb
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    Welcome Caleb

    What spark plugs are installed?

    What is the maximum sustained RPM at wide open throttle when running on the water?

    When it is running poorly at 1/8 to 1/4 throttle do you see a red lamp or warning message on the MFI display?

    Do you know if this engine ran properly just before the rebuild?

    Have you checked fuel pressure with engine cranking or running?

    It would be helpful to measure the voltage on the White/Red wires that power the fuel injectors. All White/Red wires are connected together so just find a splice where you can tap in and measure the voltage. Leave all injectors plugged in for this test, and connect the black meter probe on engine ground.

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