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Thread: Gopro mounting?

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    Gopro mounting?

    Anyone tested out the cheaper adhesive gopro mounts found on ebay? Do they work as well as the gopro ones??

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    How much is your camera, card, housing, brackets and the footage already on the GP worth to you? when it snaps off and you loose your rig, how pissed off are you going to be for being so cheap? they are cheap enough as it is, dont go shorting yourself with some aftermarket junk.
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    I do not have a GoPro, yet. But it will be one of my PWC additions in 2014. While I can't speak of which adhesive to use, I already know the No. 1 rule of camera mounting: tether it!

    An ditto w/kwtony. The GoPro isn't cheap, so don't cheap out w/the mounting at the last minute.

    Good luck.

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    Haha only genuine mounts will be used on my ski i ask for mounting to my mates speedway motorbike for racing as he plans of sticking mounts everywhere haha

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    Well if it is any help ... I race CC, I took an unexpected flight off my ski this past season lost camera. The mount was still attached to my helmet. Lock would have it, with in about an hour it floated right up to the starting line area and was retrieved by a race marshal. was very lucky indeed. ​I do not think you can be over doing it when it comes to finding ways to attach your camera. I say the more the better! Good Luck

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    Very lucky ozark! Will always be tethering it!

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    I use the floaty. To me its a must have. Its bright orange and should work even better on the newer smaller lighter versions of the camera.

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    dont forget the 'backdoor floaty'.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had about 20 different mounting locations on this boat Ive been filming a documentary off of for the past two months, and EVERY mount was backed with a. 650lb dyneema ...lost a few mounts, didn't loose a single rig..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwtony View Post
    ... EVERY mount was backed with a. 650lb dyneema ...lost a few mounts, didn't loose a single rig..
    What kind of Dyneema are you using?

    How are you attaching it to the camera and the boat!

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