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    42lb. BOSCH Fuel Injectors

    If I have a stock RXT and wanted to upgrade to a set of fuel injectors like the Bosch, what else is needed along with just replacing the stock injectors. Do you only upgrade them when other items are worked like a bigger SC, retune, etc. Thanks. I am asking b/c I have a chance to buy them, but if they dont help a stock rxt then why bother. Thanks

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    Set of 42lb injectors goes well with an X charger but alone would do nothing but make you rich.

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    bigger injectors (more fuel) are only needed when you add more boost
    so if you add more fuel and no extra boost you would probably slow down and burn more gas
    you can have bigger injectors and not add extra fuel but you must be able to change the stock fuel map
    by ether a new map like vtec or motec or a piggy back controller like cmd

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    take some time and read up on past builds and stuff that has been covered many many times, there is a world of information here on the Hulk, you have all winter, check it out,

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