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Thread: V Force 3 reeds

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    V Force 3 reeds

    I have a 2008 gp1300r and need some V force 3 Reeds, ive looked everywhere and cant find them.
    Could someone please tell me where i can purchase them and can they deliver to Australia.

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    Wfo performance- rich

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    Good Luck mate, I have been on the same elusive search ... Island racing makes them for aftermarket .,.. but charges a arm & leg, @ over $600. US. Rich @ can get them but he is over $550. So I am not sure they are in my near future.

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    Rich at WFO for Yamaha parts to Australia. I have had parts shipped and it is no problem for WFO.
    Great prices and advice!!

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    I got a set pm sent

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    I purchased a new set from Rich at WFO Performance.
    He was great and very helpful.
    I highly recommend contacting him if you need anything.

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    ive got a set of vforce 2 reeds that i believe would fit!!! came off a yamaha!! measure the opening and i can measure reeds.. i pretty sure it would work!!

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